01. I will [integrate] your ideas into my presentation.
02. In the U.S., black and white children now attend [integrated] schools, after years of being obliged to attend segregated institutions.
03. It is important to [integrate] the handicapped into the mainstream of our society by overcoming prejudices against hiring the disabled.
04. In general, immigrants work very hard to [integrate] themselves into the society of their new homeland.
05. Human hair and fingernails are the last part of the body to [disintegrate] after we die.
06. In this program, the different language skills are [integrated] and are presented together, rather than as separate courses studied individually.
07. It is often difficult for visible immigrants to [integrate] into society in my country because many people consider those of a different race as foreigners, no matter how long they have lived here.
08. The singer [integrated] a number of folk songs from different countries into his performance.
09. The mission of this company is to [integrate] natural, vegetarian foods into the North American diet.
10. Highly [integrated] groups may generate social movements because they so thoroughly blend their members' individual and group interests.
11. Emile Durkheim hypothesized that the more [integrated] individuals are into their society, the less likely they are to kill themselves.
12. Research suggests that married people are more [integrated] into society than divorced people, and so, commit suicide less frequently.
13. By age thirty, most people are well [integrated] into society.
14. Community colleges offer free language and citizenship programs to aid in the rapid [integration] of immigrants into our society.
15. Following the end of slavery, racists in the U.S. viewed sending blacks back to Africa as the perfect solution to the problem of [integrating] these people into the American mainstream.
16. Actress Meryl Streep once said, "[Integrate] what you believe into every single area of your life. Take your heart to work, and ask the most and best of everybody else."
17. The spaceship burst into flames, and then completely [disintegrated] upon entry into the Earth's atmosphere.
18. In 2002, significant areas of ice shelves in Antarctica [disintegrated] in response to regional warming.
19. Finland's rapidly increasing [integration] with Western Europe will dominate the country's economic picture over the next several years.
20. With a home computer, you can [integrate] many types of media, and make them available to other computer users.
21. Neurons are individual cells in the nervous system which receive, transmit and [integrate] information.
22. Skills in organizing and [integrating] information are important components of thinking critically.
23. Emile Durkheim believed that suicide rates among different groups differed according to the degree of [integration] of the groups into society.
24. In February 1956, a young woman named Lucy Autherine became the first African-American student to [integrate] the University of Alabama.
25. The transportation system of Vancouver [integrates] gas-powered buses, electric buses, sea buses, and light rapid-transit trains.

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